Private Blood Tests

From the comfort of your own home.

Don’t have a Form from your GP or Consultant? But need a Blood test done?

Blood Tests at Home requires you to have a blood test form given to you by your GP or hospital consultant. The hospital uses this form to determine which tests to carry out and where the results should be sent back to. If you do not have a form, we can still carry out blood tests for you, BUT we would have to send the bloods to our private laboratory in London. Unfortunately, this mean the cost of analysing the blood tests will be charged to you, in addition to the cost of taking the bloods.

The cost depends on the tests you would like arranged but for example, to check your biochemistry profile (24 parameters including kidney, liver, bone function, fasting blood sugar, cholesterol) and haematological (full blood count) profile would be £78 with the cost of the phlebotomist of £25 or £35 in addition.

The results will come back to us and will be forwarded to you. If there are any abnormalities, you should take these to a doctor of your choice to discuss as we are unable to give medical advice. Alternatively, our sister company Avicenna Health is managed by Private GP’s and they would be able to discuss your results with you for an additional £45.

If you would like to have some private blood tests arranged, please see the attached booklet which states all the tests that can be done – please note the DL Profiles on pages 20 & 21 are the most cost efficient.

Once you have decided what you would like tested please complete the ‘contact us’ form for a quote.

See attached booklet below for details on our private blood tests & prices

Need a Blood Test?

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