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Blood Tests at Home was created as we recognised the long waits and inconvenience for NHS patients to have their blood tests.

When patients are given a blood test request form by their GP or Hospital Consultant, many are advised the only way of having their blood test is to go to the Hospital or Community Clinics where patients face having to park and face unpredictable waits to have their test.

Providing a Solution We Would Want

We want patients to have an easy, quick and convenient way to have their blood test, preventing the need to have time off work, travel to a phlebotomy centre and face the wait, all for a simple blood test.

With the Best Medical Care

All our phlebotomists are experienced healthcare professionals and between them have years of experience in phlebotomy.

They have full medical indemnity and public liability and have been DBS checked to ensure your safety.

Blood Tests at Home is affiliated with ‘Avicenna Health’ which is a private GP service managed by doctors. Avicenna Health is fully regulated by ‘Care Quality Commission’.

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